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Password change request

The user management services plugin provides predefined functionality for a "password change request", i.e. a request for a user to change his password. It is typically offered to users via a "Lost password?" control and allows setting the password anew without the user knowing his current user name or password.

The workflow is as follows:

  • Some functionality triggers a password change request - either the user himself via some "lost password?" functionality or the admin via the user management UI. The request is always targeted at an e-mail address, not a user name.
screenshot at 2013-06-19 12:26:15.png

  • OpenWGA searches the user app for users with the given mail address. For every found user a change request document is created in the services app and will be valid for at least 30 Minutes. It points to the relevant user document via relation and also contains a "change code", i.e. a generated, temporary password which must be provided for a change request to take place. 

  • A mail is sent to the e-mail address, informing about the request, and offering change information for every user having this e-mail address (i..e every created change request document):
    • A URL link pointing to the change request UI, where the request can be performed by the user. Database and document key of the change request are provided as URL parameters.
    • The change code of the change request document
Example mail:
screenshot at 2013-06-19 14:43:29.png

  • The user opens the URL in his browser and is first asked about the matching change code. 
screenshot at 2013-06-19 14:52:11.png

  • Then he can enter a new password which will get stored on the user document.
screenshot at 2013-06-19 14:54:05.png

  • A confirmation mail is sent again to the e-mail address, informing about the change.

The IG user management services plugin provides a CM module "Lost password", which is able to trigger the change request. It also has a default change request UI, seen in the screenshots above. In order to get change requests operative in such an environment you only need to place the CM module somewhere on your site. The rest "falls into place".

However it is also possible to customize both functionalities - triggering and performing change requests - in the customization directory of the IG user management services app to provide some custom user experience.


On the server configuration (OpenWGA Admin Client, Menu "Configuration > "Basic Settings") the field "Root URL of this WGA server" must be configured. The password change request functionality uses it to build URLs for its mails. Also the Mail Configuration (Menu "Configuration -> Mail Configuration") must be filled with an SMTP server plus its login information so the server can send E-Mails.

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