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IG User Management Services

There is a separate design plugin available in the OpenWGA plugin store called IG User Management Services.


It is a complementary design to the IG User Management plugin and offers additional services for its user management:

  • A "Lost password" functionality where users can recover access to their login by resetting the password

In IG User Management version 1.0 this functionality was integrated into the main plugin. That however proved to be problematic, as it prevented admins from revoking anonymous access to the user management app. For using the "lost password" functionality the app that provides it must of course be anonymously accessible.

The User Management 2 Services allows admins to provide this functionality in another app where anonymous access can stay allowed. Additionally it provides the possibility to tweak the UI of password change requests via a design customization directory.

See Migrating change request functionality from version 1.0 to 1.1 on how to migrate your existing change request functionality from version 1.0.

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