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The OpenWGA jquery plugins are contained in plugin "wga-application-framework".

jquery plugins are included in one of the following ways:

Static include:

<tml:include designdb="@afw" ref="include:jquery" o_jquery-plugins="<plugin-name(s)>"/>

Dynamic Include - using requirejs:


    requirejs(<array-of-plugin-names>, function(){...})


Some plugins provide a usefull global object to the callback function. Those are documented as "Global configuration options".


requirejs(["jquery-modal"], function(Modal){


  // do something useful with the plugin ...


All plugins define itself to be depended on "jquery", so it is not necessary to include jquery itself. However you may specify this dependency explicitly if you prefere it:

requirejs(["jquery", "jquery-modal"], function($, Modal){

  // $ is available here to access jquery ...

  // Modal is avaliable here to access jquery-modal global ...



Both types includes jquery, the requested plugin and all required CSS.

The following documentation is based on OpenWGA 7.2.1.

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