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Anytime the data in an authentication content store changes OpenWGA will recollect the stored authentication data. This is not optimal if your content store holds also non-authentication data. The recollection will also be triggered if those non-authentication documents get changed.

You can reduce the times that recollecing is triggered by using option Collect Condition. It accepts an TMLScript condition that is run against each document that is changed in the authentication database. It should evaluate to a boolean value which decides if recollecting should be triggered or not. So define a condition that should only evaluate to true if the document in context is an authentication document.

For example: If your authentication documents are of a special content type you may use a condition like the following as collect condition:

meta('contenttype') == 'userdefinition' || meta('contenttype') == 'groupdefinition'

The collect condition may reduce the recollection processes when document changes are performed. It however cannot reduce recollections because of document deletions, which will always trigger the recollection.