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Content store

Content store authentication means that an OpenWGA content store contains information about users, their login information and groups in its documents. OpenWGA can use this data directly for authentication, testing credentials and retrieving user information. For using a content store as authentication source it must be connected in an OpenWGA application.

The data structure of content stores to be used as authentication source must match some basic rules that are discussed in the following chapters. The way that this data is created and maintained is up to the creator of this OpenWGA content store. For example the design used for this content store may provide some web interface to create and modify the stored user and group data.

OpenWGA content stores used for authentication do not have to be used exclusively for this task. They may be used as storage for other kind of data by OpenWGA applications. Only some special part of the content hierarchy may contain the authentication data while the other data is ignored by the authentication functionality.

Content store authentication works "ACL-agnostic", which means there must be no special access control settings to the content store providing authentication information for it to work. The ACL of the content store can be set to solely control the access of users that need to edit the data.

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