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When using a content store as authentication store then the following needs to be configured on the domain using it in OpenWGA admin client:

  • As "Authentication Source" specify "Content Store"
  • Specify the Authentication content store (or more precisely OpenWGA application connecting the content store) that holds the authentication data
  • If the configuration is not integrated into the design of the authentication app you also need to add at least the following optional configuration settings
    • A root document/area for user documents For root document specify its unique name.
    • A root document/area for group documents. For root document specify its unique name.
    • Any other optional configuration settings you need to set, normally only where the content store structure differ from the defaults

Content store authentication supports the use of labeled names. On built-in labeled name is "userdocument" which contains the document key of the user definition document.

Configuration settings can be used to further determine what is served as labeled names:

  • Items to provide as labeled names: Takes a list of items of the user document that are to be served as labeled name. The labels have the same name as the items.
  • Common name expression: Determines a TMLScript expression which, evaluated against the user definition document, results into the "commonname" label to serve for that user.