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Jobs in OpenWGA can be used to define tasks that either are to be run periodically or that need to be run manually by an administrator. Jobs can be defined in OpenWGA admin client under menu "Jobs".


On the job list you will find some jobs that are displayed "greyed out". These are jobs that are predefined by the OpenWGA runtime or installed plugins. You cannot configure them but they can be manually run by an administrator. Jobs that are displayed "in full color" are Jobs that were manually defined for your runtime and may be configured by an administrator.

A Job has a name by which it is identified on the system. Besides this it mainly consists of a list of tasks where each task is a single unit of operation. On running a job the tasks are executed in sequential order. The failure of a task for any reason leads to cancelling the job. There are many task types available for Jobs that are documented in this section.

From a UI perspective Jobs run asynchronously, i.E. after being started they run in the background and are not dependent on the starting functionality any more. Job progress can be monitored on the job log, which puts out status messages.

Jobs can be started manually via the OpenWGA admin client. Open a Job by clicking its row in  the job list and click the button."start job now" on the job configuration tab.

Alternatively you can define schedules for jobs that let them run automatically on a periodical base.

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