OpenWGA 7.9 - WGAPI Javadoc reference

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This document provides the reference documentation of the WGAPI java library.

The WGAPI is the interal data access library of OpenWGA which creates, retrieves and updates content data on supported data backends. TMLScript has many interfaces to the WGAPI objects that OpenWGA uses internally like this.content() or this.db(). You can use TMLScript to utilize the WGAPI for your own purposes.

As the WGAPI is a Java library this reference documentation is in Javadoc format. You either can download it and store it locally via the following link:

Or you can watch it online using the following link:

WGAPI online javadoc reference

While it is perfectly valid to use the WGAPI in your development you should always use it with caution as wrong usage may lead to data loss or may endanger the health of your OpenWGA system.

The WGAPI as a complete data access library offers a lot of functionalities for complete treatment of database backends some of which are only to be used by the OpenWGA server internally. So its not a good idea to treat everything that is documented as being open for the end user.

Some things you should avoid when using the WGAPI:
  • Closing a WGAPI database that has been connected by OpenWGA itself.
  • Closing WGAPI database sessions without directly reopening them. OpenWGA deals with neccessary open/close processes itself.
  • Manually setting WGAPI database properties that are already set by the OpenWGA server configuration, like designs, database keys etc.