OpenWGA 7.9 - TMLScript reference

About the reference information

The TMLScript reference provides the following information.

About TMLScript objects

Some basic description about purpose and usage of the object

Properties and methods by which to retrieve the object

Allowed in script type:
Describes on which types of TMLScript code this object is available. The types are partly distinguished by their usage location. The following are documented:
  • WebTML pages and normal WebTML actions: All scripts directly rendered on WebTML pages or are executed as normal (non-master) WebTML actions that are called from these pages
  • Master actions: WebTML actions declared as master actions, when they are called directly or indirectly from WebTML pages. They don't directly run in a WebTML web environment but are provided some of its data artefacts.
  • TMLScript tasks in jobs: Any TMLScript executed from a TMLScript task in a scheduler job, including all WebTML actions that are called from there
  • Content type events: Scripts defined on content types responding to content events, including all WebTML actions that are called from there

Properties and methods:
A list of all available properties and methods of this object in a table with these columns:
  • Name: The name of property or method, including its parameters in available variants, provided as link that points to the detail documentation of it
  • Purpose: Some basic description about its purpose

Usage examples for the object

About TMLScript methods and properties

On Objekt:
A link to the object that owns the property or method

A short description of the purpose of property or method

A more detailed description of the functionality

On methods describes the method parameters, their types and the accepted values

Default value:
On poperties the default value of it before it has been assigned one

On properties describes if the property can be assigned a value or is "read only"

Returrn value:
On methods the value that is returned on the call, on properties the contents of the property

Allowed in script types:
Describes in what types of TMLScript this method or property may be used. See the same section on "About TMLScript objects" avove for details

Usage examples of method or property