OpenWGA 7.8 - WebTML reference

WebTML tags


Description :
Defines a set of attributes for a section in TML. Further the <tml:range> tag can be used to cache a certain part of TML code.
Derived from: Attributes:
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Name Value(s) Purpose
cachekey tmlscript-expression Activates the TML cache for the content of this range tag and declares a cache key expression
cachelatency minutes Defines the latency in minutes for the cache.
cacheupdate dbupdate | never Determines when an existing cache entry gets updated automatically
imagederivates derivate query Predefines a derivate query to use on all images that are published in this range by default
labelcontainer label-container Defines the default label container within the range tag. This container is used if no explicit container is defined on <tml:label>.
labelfile label-file Defines the default label file used in label lookups within the range tag. This label file is used if no file is explicit given on <tml:label>.
labellanguage language Defines the default label language used in label lookups within the range tag.
tmlscope scope Sets the WebTML scope for contained WebTML Tags
wrapendtag true | false Used in connection wit wraphtmltag. wrapendtag specifies if and </end>tag should be rendered or not.
wraphtmtag htmltag Wraps the contents of the range into a HTML tag of the given name.
wrapif itemexpression Used in connection with attribute wraphtmltag. Renders the HTML tag only if the wrapif-condition is true.

Tag-Infos :
cachekey: The computed cached key if the TML cache is used.
cacheused: Returns 'true' if the cached value was used or 'false' if the TML cache was evaluated within this request.

<tml:range context="root">
    this code is evaluated in the context of the root document