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Description :
Loads a WebTML text label in a language that the current browser user understands.

WebTML labels are an OpenWGA feature to create multi language designs. A label is a piece of text, addressed by a key, that is available in multiple language translations. Labels are defined in the OpenWGA design, inside Java properties files that are placed in file containers named "labels_x" where x is a language code. Use this tag to retrieve them in a suitable language for the current browser user.
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Name Value(s) Purpose
container label-container Specifies the label container from which to retrieve the label
file label-file Specifies the label file from which to retrieve the label
key label-key Specifies the key of the label to retrieve
language label-language Chooses an explicit language for the label to fetch.
param1...param5 text Specifies the value of a label parameter

A simple label retrieval for the title of an input field. For the english language this label will be retrieved from a Java properties file "" inside a file container "labels_en":

<tml:label key="username"/>: <tml:input name="username"/>

It is good practice to organize the labels in different label properties files for different UI regions. You determine the file name by attribute file:

<tml:label file="userform" key="username"/>: <tml:input name="username"/>

However it is tedious to determine the file again on each label when whole regions use the same. Therefor you can group functionalities using the same, non-standard, properties files with <tml:range labelfile>. You then can omit the file specification on the <tml:label> tag itself:

<tml:range labelfile="userform">
  <tml:label key="username"/>: <tml:input name="username"/> <br>
  <tml:label key="phone"/>: <tml:input name="phone"/> <br>
  <tml:label key="country"/>: <tml:input name="country" type="select" optionsitem="countries"/> <br>

This could be the text contents of the labelfile "" inside label container "labels_en":

username=User name
phone=Phone number