OpenWGA 7.7 - OpenWGA Concepts and Features

Design and development

HDBModel framework

HDBModel is a framework for creating data-driven applications in OpenWGA.

It simplifies the process of using OpenWGA for these kinds of applicatons in the following ways:

  • It provides a view on the OpenWGA content store which hides all content management features that are not desirable in data-driven applications, like multi-language support, content types, workflows etc.
  • It lets you predefine your data structure and then enforces it
  • It provides functionalities to easily create data and work with it based on the predefined structure in WebTML and TMLScript

HDBModel is only usable on top of OpenWGA Content Stores of Version 5 or higher.

A way to learn quickly about the basic concepts of HDBModel is to use the application sample from OpenWGA developer Studio 1.5. This is very basic HDBModel-based address management, which you may want to have a first quick look at before diving deeper here, or which you may want to use as accompanying resource to this documentation for learning about HDBModel concepts.

There is a tutorial about how to setup the application sample and its contents.

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