OpenWGA 7.7 - WGA Server API Javadoc reference

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This document provides the reference documentation of the WGA Server API and extension APIs.

The WGA Server API is an interface to utilize WGA server functionality in custom Java components of the platform, like WebTML elements, encoders, filter etc. Look for the documentation of object de.innovationgate.wga.server.api.WGA for a starting point how to use the API.

Extension APIs are special objects that are to be used when building custom OpenWGA Java components. These might be interfaces or base classes, needed to implement components like WebTML encoders or authentication modules, or context objects that are provided to these components as parameters.

As the WGA Server API is a Java library this reference documentation is in Javadoc format. You either can download it and store it locally via the following link:

Or you can watch it online using the following link:

WGA Server API online javadoc reference

While it is perfectly valid to use the WGA Server API in your development you should always use it with caution as wrong usage may lead to data loss or may endanger the health of your OpenWGA system.

The WGA Server API allows you to utilize a large part of the OpenWGA functionality from your own, self-written custom Java components, including many that may endanger server data and health. So its not a good idea to treat everything that is documented as being unproblematic and open for the end user.

Some things you should avoid when using the WGA Server API:

  • Utilize WGA server objects that are not part of the documentation itself but may be provided by their methods. These are for internal use only.