OpenWGA 7.6 - TMLScript reference




This is the context object for an error incident request.

It provides an error incident module with information about the error that happened and triggered the display of the error page.

An error typically contains the following information:

  • An errorCode that denotes the HTTP error code for the error condition
  • mainMessage which is non-technical and just describes what has happened to the user
  • subMessage that gives some high-level technical information about the cause of the error
  • Optionally a detailMessageHTML providing in depth information about the cause
  • Optionally an exception and its stackTraceHTML if the error was caused by some technical process failure inside OpenWGA
  • Optionally information about the causingDatabase and the causingLayout, if this is known
Retrieval WebTML-Variable "wgaerror" on error incident modules
Allowed in script types
  • WebTML pages and normal WebTML actions
Properties and methods
Name Purpose
causingDatabase Returns the database key of an app/data source in whose processing the error happened
causingLayout Name of a WebTML module in whose context the error happened
detailMessageHTML Returns a detail error message, already formatted as HTML code
errorCode The HTTP error code
exception Returns a Java exception that caused the error
httpError Returns if the original error case was actually a HTTP error condition
mainMessage The main error message
stackTraceHTML Returns the stacktrace of the error-causing exception, already formatted for HTML output