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<tml:form persist ="true | false">


Marks a form as "persistent"


Persistent forms and their values are cached on the server side. A persistent form keeps being available if the user does not post the form but navigates to other pages not containing the form. When navigating back to the page containing the form it will still provide those values that were collected in previous POST requests.

Because of this persistent forms can be used to collect data across various requests, including those that go away from the form, like frequently needed for shopping carts. The form data is only lost when either the form is reset (after storing the data to a backend document or manually calling tmlform.reset()) or when the user session is invalidated.

A persistent form is uniquely identified by the ID of the form tag. Use this.tmlformByID() to access specific persistent forms in TMLScript.

In modern OpenWGA versions persistent forms are rarely used, as most of their advantages (keeping uploaded files, server-side storage of process information) are now also available to regular forms Also the handling of persistent forms is sometimes difficult. There is no clear time when a persistent form should be cleared, in order to start a new process. They just stay at the session with all the data that is collected until the session expires or you manually reset them.

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