OpenWGA 7.11 - Query languages reference


Native query options

Native query options are options given to WebTML attribute options, which control some aspects of the query that are native to the current query type. The following options are available:
Option Purpose
columnsOnly This option will let the query only return the column values of the view, not the whole document, which impoves performance. See the main query type documentation for details.
fulltextFilter Indicates that an additional second part of the query contains a fulltext filter, i.e. a fulltext query which filters the documents to return. This part adds to the (up to) three parts of the query. In that case a third query part would address column keys.
useStringDelimiter When given then parts of the view query are expected to be delimited by string delimiter:". Use this and delimit the query parts accordingly if those parts themself need to contain the queries delimiter characters ; and |. For example:


This will search for the term "Wash;Rinse;Repeat" in the second colummn, although the search termin itself contains semicolons.