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<tml:query options ="option,option,...">


Takes a comma separated list of native query options


Native query options are options that are specific to a special query type and influence the behaviour of that query in a special way.

You can find references of native query options in the Query languages reference for those query types where options are available.

The general syntax of a single native option is:


Many options only have a name, which enables a special functionality or mode. Some options also have a value which then is appended after a colon character.



A lucene query, which sorts by by metadata field "pagepublished" descending and also includes virtual content. Both settings are specified as native options:

<tml:query type="lucene" options="sort:PAGEPUBLISHED(desc),includeVirtualContent" trim="true">

  <tml:item name="query"/>


Note that we use an option which needs a value (sort), but also an option without (includeVirtualContent).