OpenWGA 7.11 - Query languages reference



This query type uses the fulltext searching capabilities of Lotus Domino. The syntax of this query type is described in the help database of the Lotus Notes client software.

For queries against the internal fulltext index of OpenWGA, which is available for content stores on SQL platforms, see lucene.

For the Domino fulltext search to be performant (and reliable) a fulltext index must be created for the queried database. While fulltext searches can be performed without such an index they are very slow in that mode and are known give less relevant results.

It is possible to query metadata fields in domino fulltext searches, but you must use the internal storage name of each metadata field, which WGA uses to store it as a domino document item. For example the following query searchs for documents who contain the term "Webgate" in their title:

[Titel] CONTAINS "Webgate"

A list of internal storage names for metadata fields can be found in the documentation for the formula query language.

Search options

Add the following options to attribte options of the tag <tml:query> to manipulate the query behaviour. You can combine multiple options into the attribute by separating them via commas.

Sort by search relevance.

Sort by modification date descending.

Sort by modification date ascending.

Enable "fuzzy search" feature which will also find similar terms.

Use word stems for the search rather than complete terms.

Use thesaurus to also search for known word variants.

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