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The HDBModel API

The HDBModel API provides data of HDBModel-enabled data-driven apps in a way that is oriented at the models hierarchy. Just like the regular HDBModel API does for content stores the HDBModel REST API hides content management features that are not applicable for data-driven apps, like multi-language content, content types etc.

You find the HDBModel API under URI path /rest/v1/dbs/<databaseKey>/hdbmodel when it's enabled.

Operations and their URLs

Operation URL HTTP Method Request Data
Storage: Retrieve content collection of root storage /hdbmodel/{storageId} GET  
Storage: Retrieve content collection of child storage ...Parent-Content-URL/{storageId} GET  
Content: Create content ...Parent-Storage-URL POST { ... resource data ... }
Content: Read/Update/Delete content ...Parent-Storage-URL/{contentId} GET/PUT/DELETE On PUT:
{ ... resource data ... }
Content: Lookup by page key /hdbmodel/$byPageKey/{pageKey} GET  
Content: Retrieve collection of content versions ...Content-URL/$versions} GET  
Content: Retrieve a non-released content version ...Content-URL/$versions/{versionNumber}} GET  
Content files: Retrieve files attachmed to a content ...Parent-Content-URL/$files GET  
Content files: Read/create/update/delete files ...Parent-Content-URL/$files/{$fileName} GET/PUT/PUT/DELETE On PUT:
Binary file data
Content relation groups: Retrieve relation groups of a content ...Parent-Content-URL/$relgroups GET  
Content relation groups: Read/create/update/delete relation groups ...Parent-Content-URL/$relgroups/{groupName} GET/PUT/PUT/DELETE On PUT:
{ ... resource data ... }
Model: Retrieve model definition root /hdbmodel/$model GET  
Model: Retrieve model definition for a content /hdbmodel/$model/lookup?pageKey={pageKey} GET  

Special resources

The HDBModel API also uses relation groups in with equal structure as described for the The CMS API.

Additionally there are model definition resources that are actually JSON serialisations of the definition tags used in hdb-model.xml.