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Lotus Domino Connection Pool

As connections to Lotus Domino Servers have a completely different approach than those adressing relational resources they also need a completely different connection pool.

Connections to Lotus Domino Servers are actually CORBA connections to the DIIOP process of Lotus Domino Servers. A single Object Request Browser (=ORB) represents a connection to the server which is able to handle a number of "sessions" on the server.

OpenWGA features an original CORBA ORB connection pool software for connecting to Lotus Domino Servers. The pool is generally maintenance-free and has the following metrics:

  •  It is allowed to use 10 parallel ORBs, each holding up to 10 "live" sessions
  • A single session may live up to 10 minutes before it gets discarded when idle
  • If a session is in use it may stay so for a complete hour

A single connection pool is created for each single Lotus Domino Server and then used by its applications and data sources.

Unfortunately the resources that a Lotus Domino Server may allocate for CORBA connections are limited. These metrics have proven to provide stable connections for known environments. They may be modified, but this may degrade the stability of the connections as well as the Lotus Domino Server itself.

For details about possible configuration changes please contact your OpenWGA support.