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External connection pools for relational databases

Large Java application server products like IBM Websphere or Oracle Weblogic provide own implementations of high-performance pools for JDBC database connections, so you might want to use them instead of the internal OpenWGA ones.

A Java application server registers a connection pool under some JNDI path for its applications to retrieve and use it. So the first step would be to create such a pool and provide it under a JNDI path. You must point it to an existing database on the database server which represents your content store.

OpenWGA will not be able to initialize content stores with the necessary table structures! You instead need to use DDL scripts. Either use those from the "Supply package for OpenWGA Enterprise Edition" (available in the Customer Service Downloads on the Innovation Gate Homepage) or ask via OpenWGA support forum.

Now do the following in OpenWGA admin client to generally connect web applications to this JDNI pool (you only need to do this once):

  • Open Menu "DB-Servers" and click on "New Database Server"
    • Determine a title for this server. It will represent a shared access point for all your JNDI pools.
    • As database server type choose "JNDI Data Source Server"
    • No further configuration needed. Click the "Save" button
Then, for every application that should access a JNDI pool do the following:
  • Go to Menu "Web Applications" and click "New web application" (or alternatively choose an existing app which you want to switch to this pool)
    • In section "Contentstore configuration" choose your JNDI server
    • Choose the type of content store depending on your database platform 
    • Under "JNDI path to data source" enter the JNDI path of your pool
    • Complete the configuration and click the "Save" button


Your web application will now use your external connection pool for connecting to the server. The same procedure can also be done for data sources.