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HSQLDB is the pure-java implementation of a relational database platform, usable as standalone server or embedded into another application.

OpenWGA embeds support for HSQLDB of version 1.8. There also is a preregistered database server "HSQL default database directory" which is ready to use on every OpenWGA installation.

Location of stored data

HSQLDB stores database data in simple files. A single database is represented by a number of files with equal name (the database name) but differing suffixes. In OpenWGA those files can be found in the subfolder "wgadata/#dbs" of the OpenWGA base directory (the one where the wgaconfig.xml configuration file is located).

Special features

For applications and data sources on HSQL databases there is an option to provide those databases via JDBC to third-party software. Enable it the following way:

  • Go into OpenWGA admin client and enable the "expert mode" via the checkbox to the top right
  • Open the configuration of your OpenWGA web application or data source and click "edit" on it
  • In Section "Contentstore configuration" click on "Show/Hide more options" and find the option "Port for external JDBC access". Click it to add this option to the configuration
  • Specify a free port where you want the JDBC access to be provided
  • Save the configuration

Now an external JDBC client is able to access the HSQL database using the URL:


As credentials use the user name "sa" with empty password.