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Microsoft SQLServer

Microsoft SQLServer is a popular relational database platform, especially in Microsoft-dominated environments.

OpenWGA supports content stores on Microsoft SQLServer Version 2008 or newer.


In order to connect to the MSSQL server OpenWGA needs the JDBC driver jTDS in a version of 1.0 of higher. Put the JDBC driver JAR files into the classpath of your application server:

  • When you have installed OpenWGA via official debian packages or linux installer just put driver files into the folder "/var/lib/openwga/tomcat/lib"
  • If you used the official linux installer you can put them into "/opt/tomcat/lib"
  • In OpenWGA Developer Studio just open the configuration of your runtime project by double-clicking the file "runtime.xml", go to register "configuration" and add the files there in section "Tomcat Libraries".

You will need to restart the OpenWGA server for the driver to become available.

Special features

OpenWGA offers support for a "shared server connection pool" for MSSQL which can be enabled as option on the database server configuration in OpenWGA admin client. Using this all of your content stores and data sources on the given MSSQL server will use a shared connection pool with a fixed maximum of used connections.