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User Profile Migration

This task type is available only to the OpenWGA Enterprise Edition.

The User Profile Migration is a tool to migrate the complete user profile data from one OpenWGA content store into another The types of source and target database do not need to match. Therefor you can use the migrator to change the database platform that you want to use. You can also use the migrator to migrate your data into a newer content store version, for example if you wish to use features of OpenWGA Content Store Version 5.

Before performing a migration the following prerequisites should be ensured:
  • User Profile Data that is already stored on the target database will be completely erased on the migration. Ensure that no valuable data is destroyed.
  • Ensure that the target database allows data in the size that your source database contains. Sometimes problems may let the migration cancel because sizes of target columns are not able to take the amount of value that comes from the source. In that case you need to enlargen the target column - if possible - and retry migration.