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Design documents

Design documents determine how the data of an OpenWGA content store is to be publicated. It defines layouts and functionalities available on publication as well. The available types are:

  • WebTML modules which are templates for dynamically rendered publishing layouts

  • Script modules which contain other procedures and definitions in a variety of programming and definition languages

  • File containers containing any binary files used in the publication

It may seem odd thinking of WebTML modules, Script modules and File Containers as documents as they normally are files in an OpenWGA design directory or inside an OpenWGA plugin, separated from the OpenWGA content store. There are two reasons why they also form documents in the OpenWGA content store document model:

  • When using a normal (i.e. external) OpenWGA design the files that form the design are interpreted internally as documents from a database, the file system being abstracted as this database. That is one reason why they are addressed in WebTML in a different way than you normally would address files as the documents have a "name" to address them rather than a classic file path.
  • In fact an OpenWGA content store is actually capable of storing real WebTML module, Script module and File container documents inside the database, making an external design unneccessary. This feature is used when a complete OpenWGA application, data and design, needs to be synchronized between servers (which is an OpenWGA Enterprise feature). But in normal usage this is not the case.

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