OpenWGA 7.9 - OpenWGA Concepts and Features


Domain wide profiles

A special feature named "domain wide profiles" allows to share user profiles accross all web applications of an OpenWGA domain. That way all these applications have access to the same profile and their items. The user profiles for those applications are then no longer stored on their individual OpenWGA content stores but in one central OpenWGA content store.

This is to be enabled in OpenWGA admin client on the configuration of an OpenWGA domain. Editing the configuration you can enable the checkbox "Domain wide profiles":


The settings that appear when selecting this checkbox closely resemble the "Content Store" part of web application configuration. You will be able to select an OpenWGA content store from your registered database servers, even to create one for the platforms where this is available. After choosing the content store you can save the configuration to enable domain wide profiles.

After enabling this the user profile of all applications in the configured domain will use the same user profiles.