OpenWGA 7.9 - Guide for OpenWGA Content Manager

Userdefined settings

OpenWGA automatically stores meta information about contents like CREATED, MODIFIED in addition to predefinined metas editable by the author like TITLE, KEYWORDS etc.

In addition to these predefined metas it often is necessary to maintain some user defined metas for contents. These metas are stored as items. In difference to items shown on a page those user defined metas are not maintained to be displayed but to control how the page will be displayed.

The OpenWGA Content Manager supports user defined metas through the concept of "user defined settings".

User defined settings are defned on a content type base, can be edited by authors and are stored as normal items.

To let authors edit user defined metas you have to do the following:

  • Create a TML design folder "wga/content-manager/settings" in medium html
  • Inside this folder create a TML for each content type you want user defines settings with the name of the content type
  • add <tml:input>s to the TML

Sample Settings TML:


<tml:input name="width"/>

Note that your TML does not nead a <tml:form>, no save-button and no save action. All this is generated automatically by the Content Manager.

Because user defined settings are stored in items they can be used like any other item in the TML resposible to render the content type.

F. e. you might use the user defined meta "widths" in your content type TML like this:

<div style="width:<tml:item name="width"/>px">

  <tml:item name="body editor="rtf"/>



In addition to a TML for each content type you may create a TML with name "default.tml". This TML will be used for all content types that don't have a defined settings-TML inside the settings folder.