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<tml:range imagederivates ="derivate query">


Predefines a derivate query to use on all images that are published in this range by default


This attribute is used to ensure that images inside this range, that are published via various functionalities, use a derivate of the specified characteristics instead of the original (unless explicitly prevented).

The image publishing functionalities that react to this predefinition are precisely:

  • <tml:image>
  • <tml:url type="file"> if it addresses a file of MIME type "Image/*"
  • Images embedded to richttext fields
  • Images published by CM modules
  • The scriptlet {@!imgurl@}
For details see Predefining derivate queries for ranges


A valid derivate query


This range ensures that images inside it closely match the maximum width of 1024 pixels which is the width of the contained <div>:

<tml:range imagederivates="width~1024">

  <div style="max-width:1024">

    ... custom code here ...