OpenWGA 7.9 - WebTML reference

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<tml:range cachekey ="tmlscript-expression">


Activates the TML cache for the content of this range tag and declares a cache key expression


The WebTML cache can be used to cache the result of a WebTML rendering. The cache stores the rendered content of the range tag as string and reuses it in all appropriate situations without recalculating. This can be useful to improve rendering performance of complex WebTML code blocks bc. these blocks will not be recomputed on each request when they are cached.

Find more information on the WebTML cache functionality in the Concepts and Features section of this documentation.

The attribute "cachekey" defines a TML script expression. The expression result is used as a "caching key" which is used to retrieve and store the cache entry that the range tag uses. The expression may calculate dynamically to a range of differing caching keys based on the current WebTML environment, so the range tag stores and retrieves different cache entries depending on the situation.

You can also leave the contents of the cachekey attribute entry if you do not want to use different cache entries. In that case WebTML will always use an empty string as cache key and effectively use only one cache entry.


Any TML script expression or an empty string