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hasAttribute(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGDatabase
Tests if the database contains an attribute of the given name
hasChildren() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGStructEntry
Determines if this entry has child entries
hasCompleteRelationships() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGContent
Indicates if this content has "complete relationships", meaning it is no dummy, it has an associated language definition, a struct entry, and via this entry a content type
hasContent(String, String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGStructEntry
Tests if struct entry has content in given language code / status, even if the user doesn't have the authorisation to read it.
hasContentChildren(WGContent) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGContentNavigator
Returns, if the given context has released child contexts in the same language.
hasContents(WGStructEntry) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGDatabase
Returns if the given struct entry contains a content document.
hasFeature(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.fake.WGFakeContentStore
hasFeature(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.fake.WGFakeDatabase
hasFeature(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.query.rss.WGDatabaseImpl
hasFeature(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.templates.SimpleContentSource
hasFeature(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGDatabase
Queries the database for specific features.
hasFeature(String) - Method in interface de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGDatabaseCore
Returns information on specific features, that this database implements.
hasFile(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.fake.WGFakeDocument
hasFile(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.templates.BeanFolder
hasFile(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.templates.BeanWrapper
hasFile(String) - Method in interface de.innovationgate.webgate.api.templates.SimpleFileContainer
Returns if a file of the given name is available
hasFile(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.templates.WrappedKey
hasFile(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGDocument
Tests if a file of this name is attached to the document.
hasFile(String) - Method in interface de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGDocumentCore
Tests if a file of the given name is attached to the document
hasFile(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGDocumentCoreWrapper
hasFileMetadata() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.fake.WGFakeDocument
hasFileMetadata() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.templates.BeanFolder
hasFileMetadata() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.templates.BeanWrapper
hasFileMetadata() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.templates.WrappedKey
hasFileMetadata() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGDocument
Determines if this document serves metadata for file attachments
hasFileMetadata() - Method in interface de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGDocumentCore
Determines if this document serves metadata for file attachments
hasFileMetadata() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGDocumentCoreWrapper
hashCode() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.BinaryFieldData.SizeReportingInputStream
hashCode() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.rss2.SimpleRSS.ItemWrapper
hashCode() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.servers.DatabaseInformation
hashCode() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.templates.BeanKey
hashCode() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.templates.QueryableSource.QueryableSourceKey
hashCode() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGContentKey
hashCode() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGDatabase.QueryCacheKey
hashCode() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGDatabaseRevision
hashCode() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGDocument
hashCode() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGDocumentKey
hashCode() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGEventScript
hashCode() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGOperationKey
hashCode() - Method in class de.innovationgate.wga.common.beans.csconfig.v1.MediaKey
hashCode() - Method in class de.innovationgate.wga.common.beans.csconfig.v1.PluginID
hashCode() - Method in class de.innovationgate.wga.common.beans.csconfig.v1.Version
hasInitialValue() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.schemadef.WGContentItemDefinition
Returns if an initial value is defined
hasItem(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.fake.WGFakeDocument
hasItem(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.query.rss.WGDocumentImpl
hasItem(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.query.rss.WGDocumentImplRSS1
hasItem(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.templates.BeanFolder
hasItem(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.templates.BeanWrapper
hasItem(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.templates.WrappedKey
hasItem(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGContent
hasItem(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGDocument
Tests if the document has an item of this name
hasItem(String) - Method in interface de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGDocumentCore
Tests, if the content contains an item of the given name.
hasItem(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGDocumentCoreWrapper
hasItem(WGTransientPortlet, String) - Method in interface de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGPortletItemStorage
Returns if an item of the given name is stored for this portlet
hasItem(WGPortlet, String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGPortletRegistry
Tests if the given portlet has a portlet item of the given name
hasItem(WGPortlet, String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGTransientPortletRegistry
hasNext() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.templates.LazyIterator
hasNext() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGContentIterator
hasNext() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGStandardResultSet.FetchingIterator
hasNext() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGStandardResultSetIterator
hasPrevious() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.templates.LazyIterator
hasReleasedContent(String) - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGStructEntry
Tests if this entry has an released content for the given language.
hasResults() - Method in interface de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGResultSet
Indicates if the result set contains any results
hasResults() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGStandardResultSet
hasWildcard() - Method in class de.innovationgate.wga.common.beans.LuceneIndexFileRule
Determines if the rule file pattern has a wildcard
hasWildcard() - Method in class de.innovationgate.wga.common.beans.LuceneIndexItemRule
Determines if the rule item name pattern has a wildcard
HttpClientFactory - Interface in de.innovationgate.webgate.api
Factory interface to create HttpClient instances used within WGA
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