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NAMECACHE_SIZE_DEFAULT - Static variable in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGDatabase
NativeQueryOptions - Class in de.innovationgate.webgate.api.utils
Parser for native query options like they are used on WGAPI queries.
NativeQueryOptions(String) - Constructor for class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.utils.NativeQueryOptions
Parsing options from a string
next() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.templates.LazyIterator
next() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGContentIterator
next() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGContentNavigator.Iterator
next() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGStandardResultSet.FetchingIterator
next() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGStandardResultSetIterator
nextIndex() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.templates.LazyIterator
nextRun() - Method in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGEventThread
NOONE_ALLOWED - Static variable in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.WGDocument
String used in WGStructEntry fields for edit access to symbolize that noone may edit this document.
NOT_LOCKED - Static variable in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.locking.Lock
NS_RSS1_NETSCAPE - Static variable in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.query.rss.WGResultSetImpl
NS_RSS1_PURL - Static variable in class de.innovationgate.webgate.api.query.rss.WGResultSetImpl
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