OpenWGA 7.8 - WebTML reference

WebTML tags


Description :
Renders an navigator. Depending on the type attribute this tag iterates for e.g. over all children of the current content document.
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Name Value(s) Purpose
allareas true | false | t | f | 0 | 1 Only valid for type="sitemap". Specifies if only the documents of the current area or of all areas should be selected.
alllanguages true | false | t | f | 0 | 1 Only valid for type="languages". Specifies if the current content document should be included in the navigation ("true") or only the other language versions of the current structentry should be displayed "false".
allowdefaultlang true | false | t | f | 1 | 0 Specifies if the navigator is allowed to fall back to the default language of the database if no content document exists in the preferred language of the user or in the current language.
contentclass contentclass Determines a content class of the documents to retrieve for navigator types "sourcesOfIncomingRelations" and "sourcesOfIncomingRelationGroup"
exclude context-expression Defines a document which should be excluded from the navigator.
maxlevel 1...n Only valid for type="sitemap". Specifies the maximum document level for the navigation output. Documents which are below this level in the hierarchy will not be selected.
order order-expression Determines the order in which this navigator will put out documents
relation relation-name Determines a relation to use for navigator type "sourcesOfIncomingRelations"
relationgroup relationgroup-name Determines a relation group to use for navigator types "relationGroupTargets" or "sourcesOfIncomingRelationGroups"
role none | nav | search | sitemap Allows to switch the role of the navigator.
type children | siblings | parents |path | sitemap | languages | areas Specifies the type of this navigator and the documents for the iteration. (children, siblings, etc.)

Valid shortcuts for this tag:

<tml:children ...> equals to <tml:navigator type="children" ...>
<tml:siblings ...> equals to <tml:navigator type="siblings" ...>
<tml:parents ...> equals to <tml:navigator type="parents" ...>
<tml:path ...> equals to <tml:navigator type="path" ...>
<tml:sitemap ...> equals to <tml:navigator type="sitemap" ...>
<tml:languages...> equals to <tml:navigator type="languages" ...>