OpenWGA 7.8 - WebTML reference

WebTML tags


Description :
This WebTML tag reads diverse metadata fields from the current WebTML execution context. This may be metadata fields of the current context document, the current application, the logged in user or the current request.

See the available metadata fields in the WebTML metadata reference.

Provide the type you want to retrieve via attribute "type". Omitting it will use the type "content".

There are some additional types that do not read "classical" WebTML metadata, named "system" (for Java system variables) and "taginfo" (for WebTML tag information).
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Name Value(s) Purpose
name metadata-name Name of the metadata field to retrieve
sourcetag tag-id Specifies on type="taginfo" the id of the WebTML tag from which to read information
type="content | session | db | profile | request | response" content|session|database|request Reads metadata fields from the current WebTML environment
type="system" system Reads Java system variables
type="taginfo" taginfo Reads a WebTML tag information field

Simple example of retrieving the context document's title:

<tml:meta name="title"/>

Retrieving the name of the current user:

<tml:meta type="db" name="username"/>

Retrieving the absolute base URL to construct a URL to the OpenWGA admin client:

<a href="<tml:meta type="request" name="absolutewgaurl"/>/admin">OpenWGA admin client</a>