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The <tml:inline> defines a special type of WebTML option called "WebTML inline options". The values of these options are not generated on option definition but individually on every option retrieval.

Inline options can be read like any other option using <tml:option> in get mode.

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Unline regular options WebTML inlines are of scope "local" by default. This is to prevent them from calling themselves in their own code. This is possible with inlines  as their code is not executed where they are defined but much deeper down the code where they are retrieved.  An inline option "body" which retrieves an option "body" in its own code may again include its own code and produce and endless stack. It is still possible to determine inline options with scope "global", using attribute scope="global", but it is discouraged.

Another speciality of <tml:inline> among WebTML tags is that it cannot be cascaded inside the same WebTML module. The contents of the tag <tml:inline> is not parsed as WebTML when the module is compiled but rather read as "plain text". Therefor the end of the tag contents is determined by the first occurence of string </tml:inline> after the start tag. This may be the ending tag of a different, cascaded <tml:inline> contained inside the contents of the first one, which however is ignored until the option is actually retrieved.

Inline option values cannot be read via TMLScript as the WebTML runtime, necessary to generate the dynamic contents, is not available there. Retrieving an inline option via TMLScript will fetch the internal inline object of WebTML.