OpenWGA 7.8 - WebTML reference

WebTML tags


Description :
Renders an HTML Image displaying a file from a file container or content document
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Name Value(s) Purpose
cssclass css-class Specifies an css class for the image
cssstyle css-style Specifies a css style definition for this image.
db database-key Determines the database that contains the image file.
derivate derivate-query Lets the image tag load a file derivate of the image instead of the original
doc filecontainer-id Name of a file container in the current database. If this is omitted the image file will be retrieved from the current content document.
file file-name Name of the image file.
html_attribute html-value Defines a custom HTML attribute that will be added to the generated HTML tag <image>
item item-name Load and saves informations for an image file to display to/from an item
label label-text Only effective with attribute "item". Specifies a description that is displayed in browser if the image is not specified.
maxheight pixel Scales the displayed image down to the given maximum height
maxwidth pixel Scales the displayed image down to the given maximum width


The image to show can be determined in two ways:

  • Determine staticly in design by specifying filecontainer and file with attributes doc and file
  • Load image to display from an item of the context document with attribute item

In the second case the tag <tml:Image> will offer and Editor to choose the image when editing a document in Content Manager. Additionally attribute label can be used to determine the text shown on the image editor control.

The content of this <tml:image> tag is inserted into the created <img> tag:

<tml:image doc="x" file="y.png">alt="My Image"</tml:image>


<img src="..." alt="My Image">

The attributes maxwidth and maxheight can be used to trigger the online scaling functionality of OpenWGA, which will result in displaying downscaled images.

New in 7.7: If attribute file is empty or missing the contents primary attachment will be rendered as image.

<tml:image doc="logos" file="mylogo.jpg"/>

creates <img src="url to file mylogo.jpg">