OpenWGA 7.8 - WebTML reference

WebTML tags


Description :
Used inside of tml:foreach. Monitors the value of a term during a iteration. Does the value change during a iteration, the body of the tag will be displayed. Useful for group changes inside a list iteration.
Derived from: Only available in the following parent tags: Attributes:
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Name Value(s) Purpose
expression groupexpression The result of this expression is the base for the group change.
id tag-id The use of the attribute "id" (available for all tags) is obligatory for group change.

Tag-Infos :
currentvalue: The current value of group change expression




    <tml:foreach sortorder="descending" sortexpression="date">

      <tml:groupchange id="groupchange" expression="date">
        <b><tml:taginfo sourcetag="groupchange" name="currentValue" /></b>

      <tml:metadata name="Title"/>