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WebTML tags


Description :
WebTML-Elements are elements of WebTML-development environment which, similar to normal WebTML tags, can take certain tasks and functions. They have only a slightly different syntax, which is derived over the WebTML-tag <tml:element>.

While the element to use is determined by the <tml:element> tag and its attributes the element itself receives its parameters by subtags option and body.
The role of the <tml:option> tag in WebTML-elements is roughly the same as the role of attributes  in normal Web-TML tags and the <tml:body> tag typically contains that what normal WebTML tags contain.

<tml:element name="foo">
    <tml:option name="param1">value1</tml:option>
    <tml:option name="param2">value2</tml:option>
        ... some code....

How exactly these two parameter types get interpreted or which options of the element get evaluated is self defiened by the respective element.

WebTML elements can be developed as Java Components for individual projects. See Extending OpenWGA.
Derived from: Attributes:
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Name Value(s) Purpose
classname class-name The class name of the element implementation. Can be used optionally to the name attribute when the element class has not yet been mapped in the publishier configuration.
name element-name The name given to the element implementation to be published. As defined in the publisher configuration. 
source path-class Classes outside the classpath of the application server can be loaded with this attribute (useful for new created elements). In an URL-path is to be set either to a directory or to a jar file. This can be a URL pointing to the local file system (file:/c:/...) or a HTTP-URL (http://server/..). When using a directory, please note that the class itself has to be stored in a directory revealing its package (see examples).

The following WebTML-element removes all HTML-tags from the code and displays it. The item "body" contains the data.

<tml:element name="plaintext">


        <tml:item name="body"/>