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Description :
<tml:button> creates an HTML button tag which can be used to call TML actions.
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Name Value(s) Purpose
clickaction action-id Determines the action to call on button click
confirm confirm-message Defines a confirmation message that must be accepted by the user before the action is executed
cssclass css-class Optional css class to customize the button layout
cssstyle css-styles Optional css styles to customize the button layout
html_attribute html-value Defines a custom HTML attribute that will be added to the generated HTML tag <button>
type button|submit|reset Defines the HTML button type attribute

The attribute 'clickaction' defines the id of action to call when the button is clicked. The attributes 'param1' to 'param5' can be used to parameterize the action. The body of the <tml:button> tag is used as body of the HTML button tag and defines the button label. To customize the button layout the attributes 'cssclass' and 'cssstyle' can be used.

<tml:htmlhead/> is required in the page header to use this tag.

This example shows the usage of <tml:button> to call an action with id 'anAction'. The action defines a TML variable '_msg' which is later displayed by a <tml:item> tag.

<tml:action id="anAction">
_msg = "Click!"; </tml:action>
<tml:item name="msg"/>
<tml:button clickaction="anAction">Click me!</tml:button>