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OpenWGA system resources

Besides the "system" file container there may be other OpenWGA system resources with special meaning. 

Below each root folder for file containers, script modules and WebTML modules there may be a folder of name "wga" which contains system resources. Design resources in this folder may have a special meaning which is bound to their file name. 

For clarification, these folders are reserved for OpenWGA system resources in their respective domain:

  • files/wga
  • scripts/tmlscript/wga
  • scripts/css/wga
  • scripts/js/wga
  • scripts/xml/wga
  • tml/html/wga
  • tml/[any-other-media-key]/(wga

Do not use these folders in your designs unless you intend to use them to define OpenWGA system resources.

Examples for system resources are:

The "wga" folder for OpenWGA system resources was new in OpenWGA 6.3. On designs that were created for earlier OpenWGA versions you may find OpenWGA system resources outside of this location.

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