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The OpenWGA Server API

The OpenWGA Server API is a standard Java API which provides OpenWGA functionalities to custom Java code but also to TMLScript. It should be used in custom Java modules to communicate with the OpenWGA runtime. Browse the WGA Server API Javadoc reference for information about the provided API functionalities.

The base object of the WGA Server API is de.innovationgate.wga.server.api.WGA. It is the entry point to all functionalities.  If you write custom Java code for OpenWGA you can fetch a WGA object using its static get() methods. See the  WGA objects Javadoc for a description on when to use which variant.

The object WGA, provided per default in TMLScript, is mostly identical with this object. It just adds some TMLScript-specific functionalities.

The WGA object may own a differing set of context resources to operate with depending on in which environment it is used and which get() method is used to fetch it.  Depending on this resources some functionalities may not be available and throw a UnavailableResourceException on usage. This is documented with the respective method. Resources are:

  • A WebTML context is necessary for many methods operating on this context or fetching defaults from it. Use method isTMLContextAvailable() to determine if the WGA object owns a WebTML context
  • A HTTP request or response is necessary for methods retrieving request/response information and performing operations on them. Use Method isRequestAvailable()/isResponseAvailable() to check if the WGA object owns those resources