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Language selection on runtime

If a WebTML label should be retrieved from WebTML code for a request then OpenWGA needs to decide which language to use. It is up to the configured language behaviour of the application to specify the process. The behaviour may use the browser locales of the user, the language of the current context content, the database default language or other data as input for the decision.

If the label is not defined in any valid language then the label key is put out with a "#" as prefix. This should show the designer that a used label still needs to be defined.

The label language choice can be influenced in the application configuration. There are two optional publishing settings regarding labels:

  • Option "WebTML label fallback language" specifies a language that should be used when no valid language contains a label. This language is used even when the language behaviour does not see it as "valid".
  • Option "WebTML label force language" forces the global usage of a given label language and bypasses the language selection process completely