OpenWGA 7.6 - OpenWGA Concepts and Features

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Tab "Design Shortcuts"

In this tab you can define a range of shortcuts for different types of resources that are used in your design. It is only available if the design is developed for a WGA version of 4.1 or higher.


Every shortcut has the following attributes that you will find in the list hosted on this tab:

  • It has a name that identifies the shortcut and by which it is usable
  • It has a type that identifies the type of resource that is addressed by the shortcut
  • It has a reference that addresses the resource for which a shortcut should be created

The following types of shortcuts exist:

  • An item mapping or meta mapping creates virtual item and metadata fields for every content of the applications database. Under resource you specify a TMLScript expression which is evaluated against the current content document to return a value for the retrieved item or metadata field.
  • A TMLScript global is a global variable of the TMLScript environment (see registerGlobal()). By this way you can create TMLScript globals for Java packages. Specify the full qualified name of the Java package as resource.
  • A WGA plugin shortcut is a short name for addressing an OpenWGA plugin which is frequently used in your design. Specify the fully qualified unique name of the plugin as resource. You can use the plugin shortcut name plus a preceding "@" anywhere in WebTML and TMLScript where normally a database key would be expected, but only in modules of the current design.

Following is a usage example for a plugin shortcut of name "afw" which points to the plugin "de.innovationgate.wga-app-framework", a preinstalled plugin of the OpenWGA distribution.

In WebTML:
<tml:include designdb="@afw" ref="some-module"/>

In TMLScript: