OpenWGA 7.6 - WebTML reference

WebTML tags » form

<tml:form html_attribute ="html-value">


Defines a custom HTML attribute that will be added to the generated HTML tag <form>


Specify the name of the HTML attribute to define after "html_" and its value as value of this attribute. Both will be passed on straightly to the generated HTML tag.

Note that these passthrough HTML attributes are put out as first attributes on the HTML tag, so they can theoretically overwrite those attributes that are generated by OpenWGA to define the tags basic functionality. While this is deliberately so to allow any custom modification it should be noted that using passthrough HTML attributes therefor may break the WebTML tags functionality.


Value for the HTML attribute


Giving a form a script to execute on form reset via passthrough attribute:

<tml:form id="userdata" source="profile" html_onreset="alert('Resetted!')">