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<tml:foreach offset ="1..n">


Specifies an offset from which the foreach tag should start iteration and paging computation


The offset attribute  takes a number as value which specifies the number of iteration value from which iteration should start. All previous values are skipped and not put out. An offset number of 1 means the very first iteration value, 2 the second one and so on.

The offset attribute can be combined with the pagesize attribute where also page 1 will start at the offset and all following pages are calculated accordingly.


A number with 1 being the offset for first iteration value

Default value:



The offset attribute can use in a number of different ways. It can be used to skip a certain amount of iteration values by simply setting the offset beyond them. For example if you want to display some first n results in a special way. You could create two <tml:foreach> tags where the second one uses the offset attribute to start at the position where the first one ended:


    <tml:query type="hql"> ... some query ... </tml:query>

    <tml:foreach pagesize="3">


       ... headline news display ...  


    <tml:foreach offset="4" pagesize="5">


       ... other news display ...  



It also can be used a to create a customized paging functionality that works different than the built-in one. For example a paging that always goes back&forth 10 results. We cannot use the normal paging functionality here but need some programming to calculate the offset accordingly. So we use a WebTML variable "myOffset" to control the offset, which is set to +-10 on URL clicking:


if (!isDefined("myOffset")) {

  myOffset = 1;




   <tml:query type="hql"> ... some query ... </tml:query>


     <tml:foreach offset="{item:myOffset}" pagesize="50" linear="true">





<a href="<tml:url><tml:param name="myOffset" expression="myOffset - 10"/></tml:url>">Ten results back</a>

 - - - 

<a href="<tml:url><tml:param name="myOffset" expression="myOffset + 10"/></tml:url>">Ten results forward</a>