OpenWGA 7.6 - WebTML reference

WebTML tags » action

<tml:action master ="true | false">


Defines if the action should be called with master level or not.


Master actions are always executed with the master login of the database. Therefore they are not limited by user access rights but are not able to use all facilities that are available to the WebTML environent. Check the TMLScript reference documentation of the functionality you use here. The section "Is available for" on each object/method/property identifies if it is available to master actions.

If a master action is called from TMLScript then data modifications performed by the master action will not be visible for the calling script. It might be required to call WGA.reopenSessions() in that calling script after the call

A reopenSession() is not necessary if the master action is directly executed via an action link like generated by <tml:url> or <tml:button>.

Default value: