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<tml:[All action calling tags] param1...param5 ="string">


Defines parameters for the WebTML action


The parameters will be available to the action as WebTML variables "tmlparam1" to "tmlparam5" and as List object "actionParams" containing the params as list elements 0 to 4.

Only strings can be passed as parameters to WebTML actions. If you use a dynamic WebTML attribute to calculate the contents of the attribute and return a non-string result then this result is converted to a string. If you return a List then the elements will be converted to strings and concatenated to a single string, separated by commas.

If you want to pass different types of objects you might want to consider usage of the TMLScript functions serializeObject() and deserializeObject().


any string


A simple example where an action just puts out the first parameter it receives as a message variable.

<tml:action id="display">
setvar("msg", "The button was:" + tmlparam1);

The same action using the "actionParams" object to retrieve the first parameter:

<tml:action id="display">
setvar("msg", "The button was:" + actionParams.get(0));

WebTML code which puts out the message and provides three buttons which call the action with different parameters:

<tml:item name="msg"/>

<tml:button clickaction="display" param1="button1">Button 1</tml:button>
<tml:button clickaction="display" param1="button2">Button 2</tml:button>
<tml:button clickaction="display" param1="button2">Button 3</tml:button>