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<tml:[All action calling tags] ajax ="true | false | norefresh">


Determines if the action should be called via AJAX


This is only effective when the tag is contained in the code of a WebTML portlet with enabled AJAX (see <tml:include ajax>).

When "true" then WebTML will use the AJAX support of WebTML portlets to execute the action and reload the portlet. This means that only the page part of this portlet will be reloaded, not the complete page. Using value "norefresh" will even only call the action via AJAX but not refresh the portlet.


true: The action is called via ajax. Only the portlet containing the action link is refreshed.

norefresh: The action is called via ajax. Only the action code is executed and nothing is refreshed on the site. However portlet events can be thrown in the action and portlets will react on them..These kind of actions are not debounced.

false: The action is called normally without ajax.

Default value: