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File containers in folder "files"

The folder "files" itself contains again directories. Each of this directory represents a file container. where the file container name is the name of the folder. You need the file container name when referencing the container in WebTML. To create a new one it is sufficient to just create a new directory here. Vice versa you can delete a file container just by deleting its directory.

The files inside the container directory represent files that the file container offers for publishing or other purposes.

File container folders may also contain subfolders where each subfolder represents a separate file container serving the files in that very folder. The file container name of that subfolder is its folder name plus the file container name of the parent folder, divided by a colon ":". So imagine the following folder structure:







Here the PNG files inside folder "images" are served from a file container of name "background:images" while the file "style.css" in the "files/background" folder is served from a file container named "background". See Design References for more details on this addressing scheme.

If you have resources in your file container files that are to be published via HTTP and which address other resources in subfolders or parent folders of the design directory, then you may safely address them with relative path URLs. For example: The CSS definition file "style.css" from file container "background" may adress the image resource "logo.png" under relative URL "images/logo.png". When loaded by the browser this will correctly load the file "logo.png" from file container "background:images".

The container directory named "system" has a special role and is called the "system file container". It is not meant for publishing files but may contains system files of the design, for example:

  • A configuration file "csconfig.xml" holding many configurations for the design
  • A custom number of Java JAR archives that will be added to the OpenWGA classpath (optional)
  • A file "schema.xml" holding a schema definition for OpenWGA content stores that are connected to this design (optional, see Tab "Design Schema")
  • Files "init.wgacs" or "plugin-init.wgacs" which are content store dumps holding initial data to import to empty OpenWGA content stores (optional, see Specify initial datasets)
OpenWGA will not publish files from the system file container via HTTP so you also may place any files here that should not be retrievable that way for various reasons.