OpenWGA 7.5 - Updating to OpenWGA 7.5

Minimum Java Version 7

Beginning with OpenWGA 7.2 we need require Java VM Version 7 or higher for our products, including OpenWGA Server and OpenWGA Developer Studio. Java Version 6 went into "end of life" and is not maintained any more.

This does not apply to the version of Java Enterprise Edition APIs that your application server provides. OpenWGA 7.5 still only requires Java EE Version 6.

OpenWGA 7.5 requires:

  • Java SE 7
  • Java EE 6 plus Web Sockets 1.1 API (as implemented by Tomcat 7)

If you update from OpenWGA/womodo 7.4 you do already have Java 7 installed - because OpenWGA 7.4 also required Java 7. Not further action is required in this case.

What to do:

If you still use earlier Java versions with OpenWGA products you need to update them. Get a current version from your Java VM vendor, for example the Oracle corporation. We recommend using a complete JDK instead of the JRE runtime only version.