OpenWGA 7.4 - JavaScript reference

Method :

WGA.ajax.callAction(actionlink, [portletid, [graydiv, [cb [, urlParams]]]])

On object WGA.ajax
Usage Calls a WebTML action via AJAX
Description Legacy version of WGA.ajax.action() offering the most frequently used parameters as direct arguments.

action (String):

An action link generated by <tml:action ref="actionid"/>.

portletid (String, optional):

The ID of the current AJAX portlet. Only for backward compatibility. Can be omitted or set null.

graydiv (Boolean, optional):

Determines if the portlet should be "greyed out" while the action loads. Defaults to false.

cb (JavaScript Function, optional):

A callback function that is called on the AJAX response. The XMLHTTPRequest object used to execute the AJAX request is given as single parameter to the function.

urlParams (JavaScript object, optional):

An object whose properties are to be used as URL parameters on the action call, using property name as parameter name and property value as parameter value. Specifying multi-value parameters is not supported.